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Eaton Compressor

Eaton Compressor: Quality Air Compressors – Factory Direct!


Eaton CompressorEaton Compressor is one of the top manufacturers of air compressors and air products in the United States. Located near Dayton, Ohio, Eaton Compressor has been providing customers top quality air compressors at the best prices in the industry for thirty-five years.


Eaton Compressor is convinced that the central reason for its success is its factory direct business model. Owner and President Matt Cain says, “Our factory direct business model allows Eaton Compressor to offer customers what we feel is the best of everything: the best product selection, the best product quality, the best product availability, the best prices, and the best product warranties, all while providing the best service and support available.”


Eaton Compressor is very confident in the claim that they offer the best product selection in the industry. Eaton manufactures electric piston, rotary screw, gas-powered, and portable type compressors and offers over 1000 unique and innovative models under its Polar Air brand. Eaton Compressor also offers custom products. With near limitless tank, motor, pump, and accessory configurations, Eaton offers its customers the ability to tailor a compressor to their specific needs. Eaton also boasts a “state-of-the-art” paint booth allowing customers to choose from over 300 custom paint colors and custom graphics for their compressor.


Eaton Compressor’s factory direct business model also allows them to offer customers the best overall product quality—built right here in the USA. Owner Matt Cain says, “Eaton Compressor utilizes top quality components and takes great pride in its superior product design, innovative engineering, and expert manufacturing. We believe this allows us to bring the best caliber product to our customers.”


Eaton Compressor knows that arguably the most important thing they can bring their customers is the best price! How are they able to do this? Answer: Eaton Compressor’s factory direct business model eliminates all of the layers of cost burdens in the supply chain associated with traditional “middle-man” distribution. By building and shipping to order, Eaton Compressor is able to offer the most competitive prices in the market—every day! Eaton Compressor also offers customers a wide selection of purchase options, including cash, check, credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, and financing payment options.


Eaton Compressor is also recognized to offer the best product availability in the industry. By controlling supply-chain, operations, manufacturing, and logistics, Eaton Compressor’s factory direct model allows them to get products to their customers quickly and efficiently. Many times customers are even able to take advantage of “same-day shipping” on some standard stock units.


Eaton Compressor has also partnered with some of the best freight carriers in the nation to offer the best freight logistics in the industry. Their discounted rates are nationally negotiated and among the most competitive in the market today. Eaton Compressor features complete national coverage and offers customers a range of different services, including expedited, lift-gate, and residential services. Eaton is also able to accommodate shipments to Canada and Mexico.


Eaton Compressor also believes that its factory direct business model allows it to offer the best available service and support to its customers. Eaton has a trained, knowledgeable staff right on site in its manufacturing facility ready to fulfill the company’s commitment to excellence in service. Eaton offers inside technical support, which saves customers time and money. On-site service for installation, repair, or maintenance is also available through Eaton Compressor directly or through its national network of service providers. Eaton Compressor offers repair and maintenance parts factory direct to save customers time and money.


Eaton Compressor Owner Matt Cain is confident that his company’s factory direct business model also allows him to offer the best warranty programs in the industry. “We offer the best and most comprehensive warranties on our product available in the industry—hands down.” Eaton currently offers a 5-year “bumper to bumper” warranty on its piston type compressors. On its rotary screw product, Eaton Compressor offers a 5-year parts / 10-year air-end warranty that is recognized as the best in the industry.


Eaton Compressor believes that the “bottom-line” to its factory direct business model is simple. “Our factory direct model allows us to offer superior products, the lowest prices, world-class service and support, and extreme value to our customers every day—in every way.”

To learn more about Eaton Compressor, its products, or its services, or to inquire about how to buy your Polar Air compressor by Eaton Compressor, call 877.283.7614 or visit www.eatoncompressor.com.


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